FFXV is one of my biggest and longest-lasting special interests. i had 100+ hours on my previous file, but i lost it :( i finally got it on pc and it's super fun and comforting just to have available again! it's super fun to just wander around and fight things and bother random npc's. i also love fishing lol

SLIME RANCHER is a big comfort for me! it's like serotonin wrapped in a lil jiggly shell. i love the organizing aspects and the consistent rules that is has for how everything interacts. the soundtrack is one of my favorite's in any game, and the art style is also one of my favorites in any game. the slime rancher tag is my go-to when i'm really sad or overwhelmed.


is.... ok i know people don't really like lol but i do. i love learning new champions and reading new lore and carrying is an instant serotonin boost. i main ADC (jhin, aphelios) and support (rakan, lulu, sett). i could very theoretically play mid since i enjoy talon and neeko but mid scary :"). reached mastery 7 on rakan 4/12/21!


oh my god ghuigh this fufkcnggin GAME if u couldn't tell by my cringy list this game is like 80% of my brainspace at any given time. i have like. 6 oc's for it. it's super comforting and the lore is great to pick apart and i've made some really good friends thru it!! isekai go brrrrr


i love literally every aspect of learning about animals. i really enjoy learning about animal welfare laws, conservation, rehabilitation, agriculture, and taxidermy. my absolute favorite animal is elephants, but i really like talking or learning about any of them :)


my second option for a major was actually mortuary science! death and death acceptance are very important to me and have helped me get through a lot of things. i love learning about how death and the dead have been percieved in history and how they're currently percieved around the world. i also really like educating on death and post-death procedures


shtuff and things


i like a lot of things and can't fit all of them on this list, so pls feel free to ask me uwu

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